Cheese pops, cheeseballs, or fried cheese curds.  Regardless of where you come from or what you call them, no one can deny how flavorful these little balls of fried cheese are!  With the crunchy on the outside and warm cheesy goodness on the inside, cheese pops are a favorite of our River City Cafe guests.  Let’s take a deeper dive into these awesome balls of heaven.

Believe it or not, this fun snack is not of American origin.  Fried cheese curds began in Ancient Rome with a dish called Globuli.  The Romans would dredge cheese curds in semolina flour before frying them in olive oil and then rolling them in honey.  Jump ahead a few centuries to 1758; you can find a recipe for cheese curd fritters in a cookbook titled, “The Complete Housewife.”

Extremely popular in some northern Mid-west states, cheese curds are a way of life in Wisconsin; well, all cheese is, really.  Every restaurant or bar you walk into seems to serve these deep-fried balls of cheese.  It makes sense that they are popular in Wisconsin because of the number of cheese factories.  Ideally, cheese curds are fresh and eaten before they have a chance to harden.  Fresh cheese is used because it does not have the same physical qualities as aged cheese.  Wisconsin is the leading cheese producer in the United States, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy amazing fried cheese curds right here in Myrtle Beach!

There is just something special about deep-fried cheese.  While it may be easy to confuse our Cheese Pops with mozzarella sticks, they are not the same.  Cheese Pops are their own beautiful thing.  Yes, we serve them with an obligatory side of marinara sauce, but a cheese pop is definitely not a stick, and they pack more of a flavor punch.  You will love the kick of garlic, the crunch of the fried outside, and the smoothness of the cheese curd, all complimented by the tang of the marinara sauce.

Are you feeling really daring?  Check out our California Pizza Burger!  It features our fresh, never frozen, big, juicy hamburger patty and is topped with our famous cheese Pops, pepperoni, and marinara sauce.  It is everything you want in one bite!  This guest favorite will surely please your palate and satisfy your hunger in the same sitting.

At River City Cafe, we are all about the burger!  And we have been for more than 30 years.  But that means we must have fantastic sides to complement our amazing burgers.  We love our cheese Pops and know that you will love them too!  So, stop by and give some a try!


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