Resolutions are all the rage right now, or at least they will be for next few days! Did you know that less than 25% of people are able to hold to their New Year’s resolutions beyond 30 days and only about 8% are actually able to accomplish the goal they set out to complete? While the numbers are low, it is amazing that this time of year inspires so many people take the next steps to change their lives. Whether it be learning a new skill, spending less money or losing weight, a resolution can lead to success and happiness for many people.

At River City Café, our resolution is more of the same. Our commitment to providing our guest the perfect dining experience every time has not wavered in more than 20 years. If anything our commitment has only strengthened.

One might say that isn’t much to work for. But that is why we picked the word “perfect”. Perfection is never easy to accomplish, especially when the definition changes year after year. But if we were ok with being mediocre, our mission would just be to provide a good time to our guests. But in order to provide the perfect experience we have set our hearts on, we must be willing to go far beyond providing “good”.

At River City Café we have a renewed commitment to that level of excellence you have come to know and love. Of course, the food is the root of this and while our menu does tend to change over time, we love to hear about your favorites. We love to be creative and come up with new combinations and if you visit the restaurant now, we are offering a new item for a limited time. We just debuted our Cheeseburger Soup last week. So far it seems to be a hit, if our guests want it enough, it could find itself on the menu permanently! 

Working towards perfection does have its perks. We get an opportunity to see smiling faces, happy families and get great feedback from our guests’ every time we serve them. Communication with our guests is a critical step in the process. Whether you chat with us through Facebook, Instagram, or leave us a review on Google, Yelp or Trip Advisor, we appreciate the feedback you give us. Each time a guest reaches out to us with constructive feedback, our Director of Operations has a chance to learn about what our guests are looking for. Each conversation starter is a chance to learn and to help us find a way to provide “the perfect dining experience for every guest, every time”. We love seeing those reviews, so please keep them coming! We believe we have the best community in the world!

As you move into the new year, we hope your resolution will be a success! Whether you are looking to quit smoking, lose some weight or be smarter with your money; we hope you will share your successes with us. Good luck from all of us at River City Café!